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We are Charger

Our Story

Charger Properties started in December, 2013 when Matthew Gebhardt, our founder, parlayed his first purchase, Hazel Park Apartments, into the Michigan based multi-community family of residences that it is today.

We are constantly growing and spreading across Michigan, searching for new locations to provide potential residents with the Charger experience of living, and looking for people to join our team in the process.

Charger specializes in residences that range from friendly, quiet residential villages to full luxury, full featured cosmopolitan communities near major attractions such as colleges, zoos, parks, leisure activities, and city centers. We make sure our resident guests have the highest form of service to feel completely at home.
We are consistently searching for and developing new acquisitions to offer residents even more choices of high quality, well located, easy and convenient living.
As our company continues to expand, our team at Charger does as well. As our portfolio of properties continues to build, we are constantly seeking new people to add to our team. If you are looking for a company to grow with, Charger is the place for you!

Our Mission

Through providing intentional service and maintenance we aim to transform properties into communities and apartments into homes.

Core Values


Knowing where we came from to better know where we are going.


Creating places of living that bring people together to belong and connect. 


The foundation upon which all our properties are built.


Charger is constantly looking for new people to join the team. If you're in search of a company to grow with, Charger is right for you.

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